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Welcome to Dorsal app site, your number one surfing guide for beginners. This Dorsal app surfing guide is specifically for surfing enthusiasts who are ready to learn how to surf. You will find all the essential tips, resources, information, and everything you need to stand up on your first wave right here at Dorsal app. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the details.

Surfing Guide

Surfing Guide and Tips for Beginners

You need all the information you can get before you head into the water. Gather as much information as you can from books and materials. Here are some surfing guide tips for beginners that will help you answer some basic questions:

  1. Wear the right wetsuit
  2. Don’t learn surfing all by yourself, get a good teacher
  3. Use a big surfboard as it helps you stay buoyant
  4. Always make use of a surf leash
  5. Do a little warm-up before going into the water as it decreases the chance of muscle cramps
  6. Don’t start out surfing at a professional surfing beach with high waves, but go to a beginner-friendly surfing beach as it is crucial to your surfing success
  7. Don’t rush into the water, spend some time on dry land to pay attention to the water
  8. When you get into the water, don’t be afraid/panic, pace yourself and start small
  9. Practice in the water sitting, that is after you have mastered the prone position by heart
  10. Try as much as possible to avoid nosedives

Essential Forecast Surf Apps You May Need

In this surfing guide, another vital resource you need is forecasting surfing apps. These apps will help you predict the weather, tide, and surf so you wouldn’t miss a wave. Check out these two essential forecast surfing guide apps you may need as a beginner:

    1. Surfline
      Do you need an app that can forecast the condition of a particular beach you want to surf? Then you need to get the Surfline app, which is a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This app gives you information about wind conditions, tides, and wave height. This app features in-app purchases, for example, subscribers get up to 17 days forecasting, but free users get only three days.
    2. MSW Surf Forecast
      MSW or Magic Sea Weed is another surfing guide app that provides long-range surf forecast for lots of beaches globally. This app is a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices. MSW Surf Forecast provides you with a star rating of surf size, temperature, wind conditions and swell size. Users have access of up to 7 days forecast. You can also get a live video feed of some selected beaches.

Best Surfing Spots Around the World

Still in our surfing guide, wherever you decide to go, here are two places, that many surfers say they are their favorites for surfing and playing popular surfing-themed casino games.

    1. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana
      If you are anywhere in the Caribbean/Dominican Republic a hot spot for a legal casino, you’d love this 23 bars, and 13 pools luxurious casino resort. It is a 45,000 square feet space with Vegas-style spot. At the slot, you can play at 40 gaming tables and over 140 slot games to win real money. Generally, this resort is a place you want to check out when you are in this locale.
    2. Hotel Riu Palace Antillas, ArubaThe atmosphere at this luxurious legal casino resort is booze-fueled with high energy. You also get welcomed with a glass Champagne. On every meal, you get free wine. There is also a liquor dispenser room, which makes it even harder to resist the partying spirit. Located on Palm Beach, California. This arguably best island in the world is the ideal place for casino thrill to win real money, shopping, tourism and dining.

Popular Surfing Games

All you game lovers, did you know that recently, surfing has been represented in video games? In this surfing guide, here are some of the most popular ones out there.

  1. Sunny Garcia: 2002 (PS2, Xbox)
    If you’re a surfing enthusiast, you’d love this real-world surfing game. It features legendary Hawaiian surfer Sunny Garcia. This surfing game is set on a fictional island 300km east of Fiji. It has no continental shelf, so you can expect to get large waves.
  2. Town and Country Surf Design: Wood and Water Rage
    This 1988 games from NES is a famous surfing game that features several cartoon characters called Da Boys. The graphics of this game is not high-end, but the game has a beautiful concept, and it is addicting. It is another typical online casino game with loads of casino bonuses up for grabs.
  3. Namco Bandai’s TransWorld Surf
    TransWorld Surf is another 2002 game that features loads of real-life surfers and ten real-life locations. The game also features a unique system known as Karma Meter, which is just like the real Karma.
  4. Surfing Safari
    Surfing safari is one of the ultimate online casino slot games from Genesis Gaming. It features five reels and three rows. Surfing safari is one of those online casino games that come with a surfing theme. It features African animals being the surfers. There are also excellent casino bonus features which give you the possibility to win handsome prizes. When you get three or more scatter symbols matched on the reels, it will trigger the Surf Wax casino bonus.