Most Popular Surfing Games

It’s already Friday! After the week well we deserve a little party, fun, surfing and, why not, gambling.

Today we get a little more freaks than usual to talk about surfing in video games. Who’s never played, Tony Hawk? As more and more Surfing Games are gaining prominence, even though they still have a good way to go. But which ones are worth playing? Here is a selection of those who are, for us, the best (or most decent) Surfing Games.

Fantasy Surfer: it is not a used surfing game but it is one of the most famous because it allows you to compete against all your friends by choosing professional surfers in competition. Who will win?

Big Wave Dave Legend of Surf. It is a free online game that has no waste. From presentation to graphics, everything is as retro as addictive. Only with two fingers will you be able to surf heart attack waves 🙂

Billabong Surf Trip. This is a game for Android, perfect for hitting it on the tablet when we have Water-Monkey. More complete than online games and with more commands to run different tricks.

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer. Available for Ps2, GameCube, Xbox or computer download.

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to surf like Kelly Slater? Well … even if it’s not the same, here’s a chance to get a little closer to that feeling.

TransWorld Surf. Also for Ps2, GameCube or Xbox. Another one of the games that, like Kelly’s, seeks realism. As in life itself, any negative act you perform in the water can take its toll on you and, in the end, you may even suffer a shark attack, so be careful!

It’s this time of small and old gifts and the best time of the year for the video game industry. Sure that millions of households will be no gifts that have to do with video games, but it sure almost none have to do with surfing.

Surfing Games are not at their best, big companies have not taken out surf video games for new generations of consoles. Neither Ps3 nor Ps4 nor Xbox have surf games so it’s still years old surf video games that remain the best so far.

We could say that the “Kelly Slater Pro Surfer ” is still the best of the surf games we know. From 2002 it was released for Xbox, Ps2, and Pc. In the game, some of the best waves in the world are surfed and unblocked as points are achieved. The truth is that it’s fun, the graphics for the time are fine and it has a certain realistic point although in the maneuvers of course exaggerated limits are reached… but well, it’s a video game. You can change tables according to the wave, choose different surfers of the time like Rob Machado, Bruce Irons, Tom Carrol, Nathan Fletcher, and others.

When this surfing game came out, Sunny Garcia had his own for a year now, with good maneuvers but with pretty bad graphics.

Later we also had the video game of the movie “Surf’s Up”, in this one surf with penguins and the goal is to become a legend of surfing.

There is one more surf game, “TransWorld Surf” for example, but as we said at the beginning it is not the surf video games with much success and in our surf camp in Asturias we, have not known any new ones for years. Anyway it’s not to say that it’s always better to be in the sea no matter how bad it is than to start playing a surf video game, but well, if you’re away from the coast you can always have a good time playing some of these that are already becoming classics