Popular Apps for Surfers

Today, we are many that we consult the forecasts of waves in our smartphone whether Android or iPhone, we are so much accustomed to consult the forecasts on their website, but we have to know that almost all of this website have an implementation of surf for mobile, this type of APP has become a tool that, like our surfboard or our neoprene will accompany us on our surf sessions, usually these APP for surfing are more agile, with a faster load as they are optimized for mobile and consequently lower data consumption. In addition to this, there are some other apps that give us a lot of games that we don’t like football and we love to watch the most important surf tests of the world circuit. Logically, we will not name all the surf applications in the market, but if the ones we believe may be more interesting.

  1. Mobile app WindGuru

This is the application of the famous web WindGuru where we can find multiple parameters that give us very precise information: Wave period, wind, size and much more than thousands of spots from all over the world. As with the web, we can have a free version and a paid version, we have the app for both Android and iPhone.

  1. MSW application for MagiSeaWeed

Very similar and reliable, it looks very much like the previous one with a lot of information about sea conditions, wind, weather forecasts, etc. it offers information about thousands of spots worldwide. You can find it in Android and iPhone versions and it is totally free.

  1. Surf Search Spot mobile app

It allows you to manage your favorite spots and you can also share information with other users as a social network. You can find information about waves, wind, tides, etc.you can find the Android version and the iPhone is totally free.

  1. APP Surfline Surf Report

This is another very powerful application that gives us weather data, wave size, frequency, wind, tides, etc. the peculiarity of this mobile application is that it offers us the possibility to watch in Streaming HD more than 140 spots from all over the world, although it is true that only premium customers will be able to enjoy this feature. The rest of the users can see the images but with lower quality and a Lower interval of updating the images. We can find the app in the Android and iPhone version and it is totally free. If what you want to see is the state of the waves on Berria beach, you better check out our Berria Webcam.

  1. APP Glassy Pro

This mobile application specific to surfers is somewhat different from the previous ones, they market a bracelet with a GPS device that will help you measure performance in your surf sessions. Glassy Pro allows you to measure and value your surf sessions, compare them with those of your friends and share them on social networks, it is very similar to the app provided by the Rip Curl Search GPS watch. Glassy has a community of over 40,000 surfers who share information from over 5,000 spots around the world and are updated by the community surfers. Also, of course, you can receive accurate information about waves, size, frequency, wind and more… the app is completely free you can find versions for iPhone and Android, what is not free is the bracelet that has a cost of about $ 67. We also left you the address of their website in case you might be interested.

  1. Surfboard Finder APP

Finally, we leave you this other APP that we found curious. Very useful when you don’t have a surfer friend and expert to accompany you and advise which surfboard to buy and let you be aware of the latest models that came out on the market. The app is available for the iPhone.